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Our mission

We are creators and producers of specialty flour. We offer innovative flour solutions for the bakery and food industries while helping the environment and promoting local, Agriculture Raisonnée™-certified farming practices.

The concept of Les Moulins de Soulanges sprouted out of a partnership between farmers, a miller, and bakers whose goal was to develop extremely high-quality products while also respecting the environment. And so we built and strengthened our mill in accordance with this value chain concept.

Our production plant, located in St-Polycarpe in the Montérégie region, milled its first quality Quebecois grains in February 2007. Thanks to this partnership, at Les Moulins de Soulanges, we have been able to develop, produce, and market specialty flours without improvers that meet the needs of industrial and artisanal bakers, and, consequently, consumers as well.

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Our flours are a product of Agriculture Raisonnée™, made from wheats grown using a specific agricultural approach. The specifications that frame our wheat production aim to reduce the use of pesticides and are monitored by our agronomy team. This framework allows for the rigorous monitoring and complete traceability of our products. Growing this way respects the environment while also aiming for the highest quality.


Agriculture RaisonnéeTM wheats allow farmers to shift toward environmentally-responsible agriculture. Indeed, the program itself supports the transition from conventional to organic farming. This wheat grown under the Agriculture RaisonnéeTM program and milled by Les Moulins de Soulanges. Under this program, we require certified seeds that are not treated or genetically modified and the crop are never sprayed with glyphosates. This program requires that our wheat never be sprayed with phytocides except in the event of extenuating circumstances that could jeopardize harvest. This defines our way of facilitating the work of farmers producing wheat, while shifting towards environmentally responsible grain crops (organic).


The transition from conventional to organic farming entails risks. Aware of this reality, Les Moulins de Soulanges, through Agriculture RaisonnéeTM, offers agronomic support to farmers who use this approach for a 36-month period. Additionally, Les Moulins de Soulanges offers a premium for wheat during the transitional period, valuable advice on fertilization, weed management, and various aspects of farming, and a guarantee on the quality and yield of the harvests.


The Agriculture Raisonnée™ program ensures for the documented monitoring of each wheat product. Every lot of wheat is contracted to and monitored by an independent agronomist. For each farmer, a form is completed with all of the agronomic information of the field in production. We thereby encourage good relationships with our partner farmers. We are literally working with them to obtain the best products possible. This allows for us to have complete traceability. Each lot comes from a place that we are very familiar with, so we can therefore easily recreate the entire path that our wheats have taken.

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