Roasted Barley Flour

Roasted Barley Flour

Nutritious, rich in fiber

and low in fat!

Roasted Barley Flour

New technologies are more oriented towards modifying the physicochemical properties of foods. The roasting process that we have developed; applies basic principles that are simple, effecient and adapted to current technology in order to offer healthy products without chemicals. 


A selection of barley varieties rich in beta-glucan and in proteins combined with heat treatment, has allowed us to create, despite the low gluten content, a performing flour in breadmaking, having a longer shelf life, rich in nutritional values and with a subtle nutty taste. 


Roasted Barley Flour is renowned for its cardiovascular benefits as well as its ability to lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of diabetes. Results? Natural foods, without chemical enhancers, nutritious and tasty!

Suggested uses

Sourdough bread
Gourmet pies