Pregelatinized Oat Flour

Pregelatinized oat flour

Performance in breadmaking

with health benefits !

Pregelatinized Oat Flour

Our expertise is at your disposal as we offer innovative solutions by creating functional ingredients through the development of a range of heat-treated products, thus giving our flours interesting organoleptic and taste properties through roasting.


The absence of gluten in oat flour brings certain constraints to the transformation process; a selection of oat varieties rich in beta-glucan and protein but low in fat, combined with the roasting process, has enabled us to create a high-performance flour in breadmaking, rich in nutritional qualities and with a sweet nutty taste.


Roasted Oat Flour is also known for its cardiovascular benefits and its ability to increase the shelf life of products. Consumers therefore get; healthy, nutritious and chemical-free food without compromising exceptional taste and texture!

Suggested uses

Oatmeal cookies
Oat bread

Oat bread recipe made with our

Pregelatinized Oat Flour

Heat treatment a natural process

to create functional ingredients