Panettone Flour

PANETTONE FLOUR, Canadian flour with an Italian flavor !

Panettone flour does not contain more than 50% of the grain; extraction of flour from the core of the grain guarantees a good gluten quality, ensures excellent elasticity and great extensibility.

The dough of Panettone flour has a high tolerance to long fermentation and kneading. Development in the oven is exceptional, even in the presence of heavy ingredients such as inclusions. Panettone, a Canadian flour with an Italian flavor!


Unbleached hard red spring wheat flour from Quebec, with added vitamins (Niacin, Reduced iron, Thiamine, Riboflavin, folic acid), bean flour, enzymes, without added malt and without preservatives. This product meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Acts and Regulations (Canada).



Maximum humidity 14,5%
Maximum protein 12,3%
Ashes approx. 0,56%
Absorption on farinograph approx 60%

* The protein levels may be subject to an annual fluctuation due to the climatic conditions of the crop year

*Référence : Chopin + test results, the equivalent of farinograph.

Classique + flour is a stable product. Stored preferably in a cool place, with a temperature between 16-20°C and 60% humidity rate. In these condtions, the shelf life is 12 months

Every flour bag bears a lot number which allows to trace the origin of the grain and the mill date. The first six (6) digits indicate the calendar date (year, month, date).

20 kg bags: multi-wall paper bag, 5 bags per layer and 50 bags per palette.

NB : Wheat grain used for this product may have naturally been in contact with soybeans during the harvest

Panettone Recipe • made with our Panettone Flour.