Our Bran


It’s easy to use: add the bran to the flour so that it can share its flavor and benefits!

It will give you a product that is richer in protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Plus, your flour will have better hydration!

Contact us to find out how bran can improve your products!

Our quantities are in kilogram.


Bran made of red spring wheat from Quebec, GMO free, no preservatives. This product meets the requirements of the Acts and Regulations Food and Drugs (Canada).


The wheat bran is sensitive to heat and moisture. It is therefore recommended to keep the bags well ventilated (by removing the plastic film around the pallet), in a cool (16-20oC) and dry (60% humidity rate) place, for up to 1 month.

Every flour bag bears a lot number which allows to trace the origin of the grain and the mill date. The first six (6) digits indicate the calendar date (year, month, date).

Multi-wall paper bag, 4 x 20 kg and 30 bags per palette.

NB : Les blés utilisés pour ce produit peuvent avoir été naturellement en contact avec les grains de soja au cours de la récolte