Les Moulins de Soulanges

Proud Partner to Farmers, Millers, Bakers, and Pastry Makers

We are creators and producers of specialty flour. We offer innovative flour solutions for the bakery and food industries while helping the environment and promoting local, Agriculture Raisonnée™-certified farming practices.

Creators and Producers of Specialty Flour

The concept of Les Moulins de Soulanges sprouted out of a partnership between farmers, a miller, and bakers whose goal was to develop extremely high-quality products while also respecting the environment. And so we built and strengthened our mill in accordance with this value chain concept.

Our production plant, located in St-Polycarpe in the Montérégie region, milled its first quality Quebecois grains in February 2007. Thanks to this partnership, at Les Moulins de Soulanges, we have been able to develop, produce, and market specialty flours without improvers that meet the needs of industrial and artisanal bakers, and, consequently, consumers as well.

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Our specially created flours

Our craftsmen and specialists create these flours with love, rigor and passion


Flour ideal for putting
hands in the dough


A sweet gluten
free taste


A flour blend designed for making
traditional baguettes


You will obtain remarkable coloration
with this flour


You’ll be amazed at the versatility of
this flour


A flour with good fat retention
and pliability


Perfect balance of rich taste
and texture


From now on, making baguettes will be a piece of cake for you with this flour


Flour with a low absorption rate for making pastries


A combination of italian tradition and innovation, Type 00 is a strong flour made for long fermentation.


White whole
wheat flour


A flour blend that stands out due to its absorption and high protein content


Great flexibility
in shaping


A flour with good fat retention
and pliability


A healthy ingredient that can be
added to anything


The bran content of this whole wheat flour develops fruity aromas of sweet hazelnut.


High in protein and with impressive absorption capacities, this flour has a high tolerance to intensive kneading.


Canadian flour with an Italian flavor! Ensures great tolerance to long fermentation and offers exceptional oven development!


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