Functional Ingredients

Functional Ingredients

Our expertise in the manufacture of specialty flour continues to evolve and leads us to the creation of functional ingredients and the development of a range of heat-treated products, the result? Products with high nutritional value and several health benefit properties. Consumers are therefore getting nutritious food with excellent taste, texture and aromatic properties; nothing less than the best of both worlds!


Gluten free

Sweet nutty taste

Rich in fiber

High nutritional qualities

Health benefits


High fiber content

Subtle nutty taste

Low in gluten

Rich in protein

Cardiovascular benefits


Gluten free

Flavor enhancer

exceptional coloring

Aroma enhancer

Source of protein


Gluten free

Increases volume

Nutrient improver

Vegetable proteins

Wheat flour substitute


Rich in protein & fibre

Good nutritional value

Anti-stress ingredient

Good versatility

Wheat flour alternative

Our GMO-free flours without any additives, are also “Clean Label” certified. The Clean Label Project ™ uses data and science to reveal the true content of top-selling consumer products. Products are tested in an accredited analytical chemistry laboratory for 130 environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins. 

Following the analysis of our products, we obtained the Purity Award for our flours. 

Our flours are made from cereals grown according to Sustainable Agriculture practices; an agronomic approach dedicated to the protection of the environment as well as sustainable development.

Pregelatinized oat flour

Performance in breadmaking

with health benefits !

Pregelatinized Oat Flour

Our expertise is at your disposal in order to offer you innovative solutions of functional ingredients through the development of a range of heat-treated products, thus giving our flours interesting organoleptic and taste properties through roasting. 


The absence of gluten in oat flour brings certain constraints to the transformation process; a selection of oat varieties rich in beta-glucan and protein but low in fat, combined with the roasting process, has enabled us to create a high-performance flour in breadmaking, rich in nutritional qualities and with a sweet nutty taste. 


Roasted Oat Flour is also known for its cardiovascular benefits and its ability to increase the shelf life of products. Consumers therefore get; healthy, nutritious and chemical-free food without compromising exceptional taste and texture!

Suggested uses

Oatmeal cookies
Oat bread

Roasted Barley Flour

Nutritious, rich in fiber

and low in fat!

Roasted Barley Flour

New technologies are more oriented towards modifying the physicochemical properties of foods. The roasting process that we have developed; applies basic principles that are simple, effecient and adapted to current technology in order to offer healthy products without chemicals. 


A selection of barley varieties rich in beta-glucan and in proteins combined with heat treatment, has allowed us to create, despite the low gluten content, a performing flour in breadmaking, having a longer shelf life, rich in nutritional values and with a subtle nutty taste. 


Roasted Barley Flour is renowned for its cardiovascular benefits as well as its ability to lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of diabetes. Results? Natural foods, without chemical enhancers, nutritious and tasty!

Suggested uses

Sourdough bread
Gourmet pies

Roasted corn flour

The ultimate flavor

and aroma enhancer !

Roasted Corn Flour

Roasted Corn Flour is a gluten-free product, in order to overcome the constraints in breadmaking due to the absence of gluten, we use heat treatment to promote the gelatinization of the starch contained in the corn, thus allowing us to create a high-performance flour during the transformation process. 


This functional roasted flour also has above-average preservation properties as well as a high protein content. 


The Roasted Corn Flour is an excellent flavor enhancer, an unmatched aroma enhancer offering an exquisite color. Consumers therefore obtain foods that are pure, without improvers, nutritious and with delectable organoleptic properties.

Suggested uses

Sourdough bread

Faba Bean

Source of vegetal proteins,

the nutritional alternative !

Faba Bean Flour

One of the predominant functional characteristics of this innovative flour is its ability (when combined with other types of flour) to enrich the quantity and nutritional quality of foods, which makes it the ultimate protein alternative. 


The vegetal protein properties (texturizer, emulsifier) ​​of Faba Bean Flour, make this ingredient a choice substitute for animal proteins. Ideal for gluten-free applications, Faba Bean Flour is an excellent alternative to Wheat Flour. 


The Faba Bean Flour will allow you to increase texture and volume in breadmaking, offering you an amalgam of nutritious foods and sensational texture!

Suggested uses

Sourdough bread
Banana cake

Spelt Flour

The wheat flour alternative

with multiple health benefits

Spelt Flour

Our expertise in the manufacture of specialty flour has led us to the development of a new product, Spelt Flour, which is produced from a variety of ancient grains with a rich and sweet nutty flavour. Spelt Flour is a good alternative to wheat flour, the lower gluten content and lighter texture than wheat flour does not compromise the performance in breadmaking and can also be used in a multitude of bakery and pastry products.


Spelt contains several minerals, including a high magnesium content, considered the ultimate anti-stress ingredient. It also contains good nutritional values including a higher rate of vitamin, protein and fiber than wheat. Spelt Flour has several health benefits; it contains specific carbohydrates (mucopolysaccharides) which play an important role in blood clotting and stimulates the immune system while easing digestion.


Suggested uses

Banana bread


Our expertise is constantly evolving. Our team of specialists is dedicated to advancing knowledge and developing our specialty flours. The objective is to offer high quality products as well as innovative flour solutions for the baking and food industries, while promoting the environment with the Sustainable Agriculture agronomic approach.


Agronomic support for our producers is at the heart of our quality system, our specialty flour is made using Sustainable Agriculture techniques, thus obtaining a quality product while promoting the environment as well as sustainable development.

Research & Development

We are committed to scientific innovation through research by developing study projects such as the kinetics of gluten aggregation, the variability of the quality of wheat starch, the integration of extensographs and the development of heat-treated products.

Test baker

It is essential that our flours be optimized for your use. This is why our test baker tests each flour according to its specialty, by analyzing the breadmaking performance and ensuring that the textural, taste and aromatic properties are imparted to your masterpieces.

Personalized flours

Our expertise in cereal chemistry is at your disposal to offer you innovative solutions through the development of personalized specialty flours. We are proud to present versatile products adapted to the needs of artisan bakers and the industrial food industry.