From field to Table

Our mission

We are creators and producers of specialty flour. We offer innovative flour solutions for the bakery and food industries while helping the environment and promoting local, Agriculture Raisonnée™- verified farming practices.

The concept of Les Moulins de Soulanges sprouted out of a partnership between farmers, a miller, and bakers whose goal was to develop extremely high-quality products while also respecting the environment. And so we built and strengthened our mill in accordance with this value chain concept.

Our production plant, located in St-Polycarpe in the Montérégie region, milled its first quality Quebecois grains in February 2007. Thanks to this partnership, at Les Moulins de Soulanges, we have been able to develop, produce, and market specialty flours without improvers that meet the needs of industrial and artisanal bakers, and, consequently, consumers as well.

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It is the sun above that nourishes the local lands on which Agriculture Raisonnée™ wheat grows. In the beginning, these fields were nothing more than untreated seeds. Then they were planted in rich soils that were well-maintained by our agronomist. She of course also takes care of the wheat until it is harvested to ensure that it is quality and respects the environment. The fruit of her labor? Pure, quality grains.

However, this result is only possible thanks to our partner farmers. Because that is exactly what they are: partners, without whom none of this would be possible. Therefore, the story beings with the impeccable teamwork between our agronomist, our partner farmers, and us.


When wheat arrives at Les Moulins, it is first tested for quality. Even though it is certified by our agronomist, an additional check is never too many! Once it has been deemed perfect for our recipes, the wheat is milled. The entire process is gone through with careful safeguards to prevent contaminations of any kind. Our BRC Certification attests to the effectiveness of the precautions we take. The same goes for everything that we use to make our flours.

Vitamins, malt, and wheat. This is the list of ingredients that are used in our products. No chemicals are added. All that goes in is a blend of local grains! Moreover, our customers deserve a little credit for these unique blends. In fact, they determine what we make. We do not make specialty flours for ourselves, we make them specifically for what they will be used for!


If there is one step that can’t be neglected, it’s transport. All of our carriers are therefore certified to preserve product quality, as much as when transporting grain to Les Moulins as when transporting the flour to our customers. It is important that quality be preserved every step of the way!

In this process, there are those who receive our flours. It is then up to them to use their talents! They are producing our pride with flours that were created exactly for the uses that they are preparing to do with them. Because our pride is not limited to the work that is done at Les Moulins. It goes much further than that.


A high-quality product, made with passion and expertise, may then be found on your table. This product represents a portion of what we work so hard to achieve, but that’s not all. Our efforts also help to create satisfaction. There is satisfaction in providing you with quality products. The satisfaction of not using any chemicals in our products. There is also satisfaction in helping to take care of our planet and even in supporting local farmers.

Finally, there is satisfaction in satisfying you. Whether you are producing our wheat, using our flours, or even enjoying the final product, it is your satisfaction that guides our work.

Grow With Us

Would you like to participate in the production of quality products in a way that also cares for the environment? Become one of our partners to produce differently for the environment.
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