Brunette Flour


Products made with Brunette Whole Wheat Flour are a sumptuous brown hue. Its bran content develops fruity aromas of sweet hazelnut.

Whole wheat bread dough is more absorbent than dough made from white flour. In the kneader, the Brunette is worked like an integral flour, but it has much more lightness. The volume of bread is higher with Brunette and the crumb is lighter and more honeycombed than with whole wheat flour.


Quebec hard spring wheat flour, unbleached, GMO-free, no added malt and no preservatives. This product meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Laws and Regulations (Canada).


Maximum humidity 14,5%
Maximum protein 13%
Ash approx. 1,2%
Water absorption approx 66%

* The protein levels may be subject to an annual fluctuation due to the climatic conditions of the crop year.

*Reference : Chopin + test results, the equivalent of Farinograph

Brunette flour is a stable product. Stored preferably in a cool place, with a temperature between 16-20°C and 60% humidity rate. In these condtions, the shelf life is 6 months

Every flour bag bears a lot number which allows to trace the origin of the grain and the mill date. The first six (6) digits indicate the calendar date (year, month, date).

20 kg bags: multi-wall paper bag, 5 bags per layer and 50 bags per palette.

NB : Wheat grain used for this product may have naturally been in contact with soybeans during the harvest

Whole Wheat Flour:

Contains 95% of the original components of the wheat grain. Wheat germ and its fat content are removed during the milling process of the grains, thereby increasing shelf life. Wheat bran has superior nutritional qualities ; it is rich in fiber and minerals.

Integral flour:

Contains 100% of the wheat grain. During the grinding process, all the components of the grain are preserved in their entirety : the bran, germ and albumen, this allows all of the nutritional values to be preserved, including a high level of protein, a good gluten quality and a high source of iron and dietary fiber.