Our expertise is constantly evolving. Our team of specialists is dedicated to advancing knowledge and developing our specialty flours. The objective is to offer high quality products as well as innovative flour solutions for the baking and food industries, while promoting the environment with the Sustainable Agriculture agronomic approach.


Agronomic support for our producers is at the heart of our quality system, our specialty flour is made using Sustainable Agriculture techniques, thus obtaining a quality product while promoting the environment as well as sustainable development.

Research & Development

We are committed to scientific innovation through research by developing study projects such as the kinetics of gluten aggregation, the variability of the quality of wheat starch, the integration of extensographs and the development of heat-treated products.

Test baker

It is essential that our flours be optimized for your use. This is why our test baker tests each flour according to its specialty, by analyzing the breadmaking performance and ensuring that the textural, taste and aromatic properties are imparted to your masterpieces.

Personalized flours

Our expertise in cereal chemistry is at your disposal to offer you innovative solutions through the development of personalized specialty flours. We are proud to present versatile products adapted to the needs of artisan bakers and the industrial food industry.

Clean label ? A winning value chain !

Heat treatment, a natural process

to create functional ingredients !